Best Boxing Glove Brands: Breaking Down The Differences Between Popular Brands

Every year, the market is flooded by numerous boxing gloves claiming to be better than the other. And its a pain in the ass to choose from a myriad of options placed before our very eyes. The same is true with Muay Thai gloves. Recently, more and more Muay Thai brands are emerging here and there. A beginner will easily get lost in a sea of boxing gloves.

Before anything else, we must know the difference between boxing gloves and Muay Thai gloves. Basically, Muay Thai gloves are more flexible than boxing gloves. It allows the user to grapple and hold opponents. Meanwhile, boxing gloves promote a closed fist at all times.

Many of us may get confused as to what should you consider checking first. Good thing we got this list here. These are the top Muay Thai brands that we think deserve to be in your priority:

SIDE NOTE: The ordering of these brands are based on the following…
1. Estimated Units sold per year
2. Glove quality
3. Brand recognition
4. Feedback
5. User Testimonials

Top 7 Muay Thai Boxing Brands 

Windy Logo

No. 7:  Windy

Windy is probably the longest standing manufacturer of Muay Thai equipments in Thailand. It has been around since 1951. Windy was the the first Muay Thai brand dedicated to providing durable, protective and comfortable muay thai gear. It stands behind its products and believes in giving back to the the athletic community.

Most of the Windy MT boxing gloves are handcrafted and made of genuine leather. Windy offers top of the line gloves that are well known for their superior durability. When it comes to the skin,  most of their gloves sport a classic look.

One of their best selling pair of gloves is the Windy Thai Style Sparring Gloves which are really heavy duty gloves with excellent protection.

Venum Logo

No. 6:  Venum

The Venum brand is famous particularly in the MMA scene. Compared to other MMA and Muay Thai brands, the Venum brand is a relatively young brand. All Venum Muay Thai equipment are handcrafted in Thailand.

Despite their the young age, Venum has received the approval of UFC( Ultimate Fighting Championship), and is an official sponsor. Some of the MMA athletes Venum sponsors are Lyoto Machida, Wanderlei Silva, Mauricio Rua, etc.

Venum offers a range of products that have outstanding quality for a reasonable price. One of its best sellers, the Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves, have been a popular pick among beginners and advanced boxers. The gloves became a hit due to the superb protection they render.

Hayabusa Logo

No. 5:  Hayabusa

Another fresh MMA brand, Hayabusa, is getting recognized for the scientific research it allots on its products. Hayabusa is dedicated to create the most cutting-edge MMA products. Their effort is clearly seen in most Hayabusa gloves. 

The term “Hayabusa” refers to a Peregrine Falcon in Japanese. Like its name suggest, Hayabusa provides high-standard products that promote better performance. The products they make, like the gloves, are packed with scientific research aimed at giving the wearer the best product quality and optimum performance.

Yes, most of the Hayabusa gloves are high priced. One of its best sellers is the Hayabusa Tokushu Gloves which is the result of cutting-edge research and engineering. Durability, protection, support, comfort and performance are all on Hayabusa Tokushu’s checklist and are all A+. A perfect example of a gloves that are worth the price.

Boon Sport Logo

No. 4:  Boon

Boon is also a Thailand based Muay Thai equipment manufacturer. It hasn’t been around for that long but it has been gaining recognition for the quality of its products.

Compared to other brands, Boon places the quality of its products as top priority that is why athletes often label the look of its products as simple or plain. But a better word would be “classic”. The equipment they make are handmade and tested for quality in professional  Bangkok gyms. Boon products, especially the boxing gloves, are popular particularly in Australia.

One of its product that is known for durability is the Boon Sport Leather Training Gloves. These gloves are fairly priced and look simple, but are made of high quality.

Top King Logo

No. 3:  Top King

Top King, formerly called “King”, is a Muay Thai brand based in Thailand. It is also a pretty young brand compared to other Muay Thai brands. Despite being young, it has already gained the recognition of the Professional Boxing Association of Thailand and World Professional Muay Thai Federation. The equipments they make have been used in major events like K-1 and ShowTime. 

Top King is pretty much an offshoot of Twins because the founder Top King and Twins are brothers. Top King boasts high quality products comparable to that of Twins and Fairtex. One obvious trait of Top King products, primarily, is that the gloves is oftem look badass because of the paint job done on them.

With products made for durability and safety as well as comfort, it’s not a surprise that many high calibre athletes trust this brand. One of their popular product is the basic Top King Boxing Gloves offering a light but sturdy build and ample protection – in a flashy way because of its exterior design.

Twins Special Logo

No. 2: Twins

Twins or Twins Special has been manufacturing top quality Muay Thai equipments since 1992 in Thailand. It is undoubtedly one of the most famous Muay Thai brands worldwide.

Young athletes will surely enjoy the products made by Twins due to their modern colors and design. The products like the gloves are made of the finest materials and built by skilled craftsmen. Though Twins is Thai built, they sell more abroad; a reason for this may be attributed to its prices – sort of expensive in Thai standards.

One of their popular gloves, Twins Special Thai Style Training Gloves are made of 100% genuine cowhide leather, and perfect for bagwork and sparring. These gloves are a bit high priced but reasonable because of the quality.

Fairtex Logo

No. 1: Fairtex

At the top of our list is Fairtex Muay Thai brand. It has been in the top tier of Muay Thai brands since 1971. With decades of experience, its products has been popular not only locally but also globally –  mainly Japan, USA and Canada.

Fairtex has been keen on promoting Muay Thai abroad through camps. For this reason, locals consider it as a foreign brand. But because of this promotion, Fairtex products can be found worldwide.

Fairtex tests its products in Muay Thai camps. Its innovations resulted  to highly durable, safe, comfortable and decent looking products. The gloves they offer are of the best caliber so it’s not surprising that they may come expensive.

One of its best sellers, the Fairtex Muay Thai Style Sparring Gloves are popular among different levels. Though high priced, these gloves are all around gloves that are handcrafted and made of premium quality leather.

Top 7 Boxing Glove Brands

Ringside boxing logo

No. 7: Ringside

Ringside has been manufacturing boxing gloves and other boxing gears and equipment for over 30 years. It is based in the UK and has already established a reputation as one of the world’s biggest suppliers of boxing gears across all levels.

Ringside boxing gloves are padded with injected molded foam padding. Unlike other gloves which use the conventional layered foam padding. IMF padding is excellent for knuckle protection. Ringside gloves are built with simple wrist straps which provide an ample fit around the wrists as well as ease in removing.

Ringside boxing gloves are recommended for training – bagging, sparring, etc. These gloves are good quality gloves and are bound to last really long at a decent price.

Title boxing logo

No. 6: Title

In terms of durability, Title may have Ringside beat as it will take years before these gloves get worn out. These gloves are perfect for training as it is commonly seen in boxing gyms.

Title, an American brand, was founded in 1998. For beginners who are looking for decent gloves at a cheaper price compared to Ringside’s, Title boxing gloves are for you. The boxing gloves from Title are often “gel” boxing gloves which are light weight and comfortable.

Rival Boxing Logo

No. 5: Rival

One obvious difference of Rival boxing gloves to other gloves is their look. They sport really flashy designs. If you want to stand out, your best bet would be Rival boxing gloves. But these gloves aren’t simply flashy, Rival boxing gloves are well-padded; they offer plenty of protection for your hands as well as sufficient support.

Rival is a fairly new brand, and is growing in popularity particularly in Canada and U.S.A. Rival intends to revolutionize the boxing equipment industry. From its production line are technically advanced boxing gloves and other boxing and MMA equipments.

The Haitian-Canadian professional boxer Jean Pascal wears Ringside boxing gloves. He is a former WBC, Lineal, and The Ring light-heavyweight champion.

Grant Boxing Logo

No. 4: Grant

Grant boxing gloves are best picked by boxers who want superior hand protection. These gloves are useful to those who have a bit of punching power and want to avoid injuries. Grant gloves excel in guarding your hands from impact while granting the user the ability to throw potent punches. Most Grant boxing gloves have more padding installed at the front of the fists and knuckles. Compared to the #3 in this list, these gloves offer better protection.

Grant is an American brand whose products are made in Mexico. It was founded in 1995. Today, Grant is one of the leading brands in the boxing scene. Combining performance and comfort, Grant boxing gloves are great for training as well as fighting.

Many of the renowned professional athletes who boxed with Grant boxing gloves are Floyd Mayweather Jr., Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., Bernard Hopkins and Evander Holyfield.

cleto reyes logo

No. 3: Cleto Reyes

Cleto Reyes gloves are called “puncher’s gloves” because they prioritize power over protection. There is lesser padding particularly on the knuckle area of the gloves. These gloves are probably not the best gloves in terms of safety compared to other well-padded boxing gloves, but they make up for the puncher power they provide. These gloves are of the highest quality; stitched beautifully and made by hand.

Cleto Reyes is one of the oldest boxing brands famous worldwide. It was registered as a trademark in 1979. Nevertheless, even before it was registered, Cleto Reyes had been making quality boxing equipment in the 1950s where it had been used in a world championship fight (1945). Cleto Reyes is a Mexican brand and its products are made in Mexico.

They aren’t called puncher’s gloves for nothing – they are worn by famous power punchers like Manny Pacquaio, Juan Manuel Marquez, Amir Khan and other top caliber fighters.

Winning Boxing Logo

No. 2: Winning

If Cleto Reyes boxing gloves are puncher’s gloves, Winning boxing gloves are often called “pillow gloves”. Winning boxing gloves are designed with utmost protection in mind. You can argue, but in terms of hand protection and wrist support, these gloves are second to none. If you have hand problems or you just prioritize protection, these gloves are your top pick.

Winning is a bit older than Cleto Reyes. This brand was established in 1937, and its products are manufactured in Japan.

These gloves are the best gloves for training where safety is of paramount concern. But, many prominent boxers have worn them in official bouts too; namely Canelo Alvarez and Eric Morales.

Everlast Logo

No. 1: Everlast

Nothing surprising there, Everlast is on the top of our list. The gloves from Everlast are very popular. In terms of units sold per year, Everlast will probably way up there. Its boxing equipment are available in all levels – beginner, advanced, amateur and professional.

Everlast started in the early 1920s. As a brand, they are the best. Ask the casual boxing fan and they will associate Everlast with boxing. However, in terms of quality, it’s another story. Their low-tier gloves (pairs that cost $75 below) are arguably the worst in their price range. 

Their high-tier boxing gloves offer excellent support and sturdiness. These gloves are also well balanced – not puncher’s gloves, like Cleto Reyes nor pillow gloves, like Winnings. For almost a century they have created boxing gloves. You can be sure their high-end pairs are top of the line. But, as mentioned earlier, you have to shell out more than $75 to expect a great pair.  

Everlast boxing gloves are used by many fighters in the amateur and professional ring.  One of Everlast’s first clients was the young Jack Dempsey. Some of the prominent fighters who wear them today are Nonito Donaire, Miguel Cotto and Brandon Rios.


Ultimately, each of us have our own preferences when it comes to boxing gloves. What is good for one person may be terrible to another. So, if you have the time and the resources, experiment a bit; and find out which glove brand offers better quality and comfort for you. If you don’t have time, and you only have enough cash for one chance then you can use this list to make a decision.

Different brands offer varying qualities in their products. One brand’s product may exceed another brand’s depending on the aspect being focused on. You may know other brands that should be included in the list, so don’t settle on this. Go make your own list.

Just remember this – if you want high quality gloves, the expensive ones are often worth the investment. But always be cautious. Hopefully, this list will help you avoid buying inferior quality and overpriced gloves.

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